Places to Go in Glasgow

Boutiques and Unique Shops

If you are looking for those all-important shopping opportunities while you are in Glasgow, then look no further. We have the most mouth-watering selection of the very best that the city has to offer. From high fashion Haute Couture to delicatessens, Glasgow has a fantastic selection of boutiques and unique shopping experiences.

Real shopaholics love to find a truly unique specialist boutique, selling specialties that can be found nowhere else, be that clothes, footwear, handbags, bread, coffee, tea, or other gastronomic delicacies. Some of the produce you will find in Glasgow boutiques and unique shops can be found nowhere else in the country, so take advantage of our superb selection of retailers to enhance your visit to this beautiful, verdant and historic city.

There’s nothing quite like finding that perfect little boutique filled to the brim with gorgeous accessories, fab footwear, or luscious objects of desire, and Glasgow has plenty to offer the avid shopper. There are simply stunning dresses from designer couturiers and one-of-a-kind garments that no one else will have, just waiting for you to discover.

Delicatessens are a veritable cornucopia of delights, which lift the spirit with their delicious smell, and delightful colors of the product inside. A feast for all the senses, a Glasgow specialty deli has a wealth of local produce and specialty items.

Craft shops selling locally handmade items by craftsmen abound in Glasgow. The country crafts and traditional products of the area are kept alive in these colorful boutiques, where you will be able to find all sorts of treasures and presents for loved ones. From stained glass and pottery to paintings, knitting, leatherwork, basketwork, quilts, and jewelry: craft shops in the city have a superb selection of beautifully designed objects for everyone.

Restaurants, Pubs, and Cafes

The choice of outstanding restaurants, pubs, and cafes in Glasgow is vast and is limited only by taste, ambiance, and location.

There is every kind of restaurant available for a truly memorable and sumptuous meal, and there are pubs and cafes which lend themselves to a quick bite on more of a budget. The range of world cuisines is comfortably covered in Glasgow with cozy French bistros, traditional British gastropubs and flamboyant Italian trattorias all within close proximity to each other.

With its outstanding beauty, Lanarkshire is where fresh local ingredients really are on the doorstep. Many of the city’s restaurants and pubs serve only regional produce, much of it organic, catering also for vegetarians, as well as vegans.

Glasgow has the variety to cater for every taste, whether you choose an authentic Indian or Chinese menu, or any other Asian cuisine including Thai or Vietnamese. Glasgow restaurants have a diverse feel to them and your choice of restaurant may be dependent upon location.

It is not the only dinner that is a gastronomic experience in Glasgow, many restaurants, and café bars open early to serve a truly memorable Glasgow breakfast. Whether you are choosing somewhere to hold a business breakfast meeting or a visitor who wants to hit the sights early, it is the perfect way to begin the day. Similarly, there is an abundance of places to choose for a three-course lunch or a quick bite whilst visiting Glasgow shops and visitor attractions.

The choice of pub may be location driven or may depend upon the facilities offered by the venue, such as outside dining space. Several local pubs offer entertainment or themed evenings which may be in the form of live music, stand-up comedians, quiz nights or perhaps darts or snooker matches. Our selection of Glasgow’s best pubs will ensure that whichever you choose your lunchtime or evening will be a memorable one.